[ODE] ODE with non-penetration constraint

Bill Sellers wis at mac.com
Thu Jul 12 08:24:04 MST 2007

No, I mean it is only an approximation of reality and then only for  
fairly smooth, rigid surfaces. Soft materials like rubber just don't  
behave that way. The friction force is not linearly related to normal  
force and velocity and contact area both have significant effects.  
Once you add in any sort of tread then it gets even worse. The  
Coulomb model is really just a convenience so we can quote  
coefficients of friction at each other ;->

However I doubt this has much effect on most people's simulations!


On 12 Jul 2007, at 15:51, Nguyen Binh wrote:

> Of course most material combinations don't follow the Coloumb
> friction model either...
> You meant Coloumb friction is also not accurate enough? I've talked  
> to people who study friction and most of them told me Coloumb is  
> good enough for rigid objects.Hertz model is another welknown  
> friction model but it's almost impossible to simulate.
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