[ODE] Failed capsule-box collision

Bram Stolk bram at sara.nl
Tue Jan 9 09:37:09 MST 2007

Tim Sorrells wrote:
> I’m trying to track down an oddity between a capsule and a box I’m
> colliding in ODE.  The box is a stationary geom with no body, and I
> spawn a capsule above it and let gravity do it’s thing.  When the
> capsule collides it reports a collision took place, however visually
> nothing seems to change with the falling capsule.  It continues to fall
> right through the box.  The values I’m getting in the dContactGeom are
> strange as well.  The values are always identical all the way through
> the box: depth 0.001684, normal (1.0 0.0 0.0).  This is odd since the
> capsule falls through the box so you’d expect the depth to be
> increasing.  It’s also hitting the box from above, so you’d expect the
> normal to be positive Z instead of X.

I think it's a bug in your app.
Could you try to reproduce with ode/test/test_boxstack?

Try this:

$ ./test_boxstack
press 'r'
press 't'
press 'b'
press 'c'

I get a standing capsule on a box.
The blue cubes designate the contact pts.


> I tried swapping the box out with a capsule and the collision works
> correctly with the falling capsule bouncing down the side.  Any ideas?
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