[ODE] Naming of Tests

Dave Grundgeiger dave.grundgeiger at codenouveau.com
Wed Feb 21 09:26:03 MST 2007

Bram Stolk <bram at sara.nl> wrote:
> How shall we organize this? If you have SVN experience, it may
> help to give you write access to the repository?

I do have svn experience, and would find it easier to have write access to 
the repository, since there will be some minor renaming necessary when 
integrating UnitTest++ (and svn diff has some trouble with that). I have a 
good "don't commit broken stuff" ethic.

> I leave it up to you whether you do the autotools files yourself.
> If you see it as a nice challenge, just try learning from the examples.
> But feel free to just do the win32 stuff, and ask the mailinglist
> for autotools support.

I'll give it a shot. I've been feeling the Ubuntu love lately.


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