[ODE] Q about OpenGL and rotating objects

Jon Watte (ODE) hplus-ode at mindcontrol.org
Thu Feb 8 19:53:12 MST 2007

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The manual explains pretty well how to write an ODE program:

1) create a world
2) create two spaces
3) create some bodies, with some geoms on them (dynamic), and some geoms 
without bodies (static)
4) add static geoms to space 1, and dynamic geoms to space 2
5) create a joint group
6) forever:
6.1) collide space 2 against space 1, and then space 2 against itself
6.2) create contact joints in callback
6.3) apply user control as forces and torques
6.4) dWorldStep of your choice (quick, fast, plain, etc)
6.5) dJointGroupEmpty
6.6) render all the objects where they are now

This really should be in the FAQ, and in some place early in the manual, 


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Scott Fisher wrote:
> Hey,
> I'm a newbie and I don't fully understand all of the code in the ray car 
> src code.  My code pretty much consists of not much more than the test 
> code that comes with ODE.  All I want is a way to take an existing test 
> and get it to not display anything.
> I'm not really using another library to display the ODE.  It's a display 
> my friends wrote that simply takes the existing objects in the world and 
> over writes the framebuffer with the image.
> Thanks
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>> Don't use DrawStuff. ODE is a linkable library you can call from your 
>> own application. To see how to do it with DirectX, you can download 
>> the RayCar demo, which uses DirectX with ODE (using only ODE, not 
>> DrawStuff)
>> http://www.mindcontrol.org/~hplus/raycar/
>> Cheers,
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>> Scott Fisher wrote:
>>> Hey,
>>>  I'm constructing a pinball game that I want rendered without OpenGL 
>>> and I'm confused on how to turn off OpenGL completely.  I stopped 
>>> calling the DrawGeom method but that just ends up giving me a view of 
>>> the ground and the sky.  How do I turn off the visualizations 
>>> completely?
>>>  Also, for my flippers to flip, I add a torque around the joint, 
>>> however when they reach their max positions, they tend to bounce 
>>> against the limit of the joint.  So when the flipper flips up, it 
>>> bounces against the joint's up limit.  Same thing when it comes back 
>>> down.  Is there a better way to get the flipper to flip; such that I 
>>> could kill all the movement when it reaches its limit but still have 
>>> it be strong enough such that when a ball hits it, it won't give 
>>> any/move down at all.
>>>  Thanks
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