[ODE] Naming of Tests

Bram Stolk bram at sara.nl
Wed Feb 21 09:10:20 MST 2007

Dave Grundgeiger wrote:
> Bram Stolk wrote:
>> Ok. Added [Makefile.am's] as revision 1171 of the trunk.
>> Is the output supposed to be so minimal?
> The existing test is just a sample that Jason added when he added 
> CppTestHarness to ODE a year ago. CppTestHarness needs to be pulled out, 
> because it is no longer being developed, and replaced with UnitTest++, 
> which is being developed by the original author of CppTestHarness and 
> others. Then a Makefile.am needs to be created, and a premake script 
> needs to be created.
> I'm offering to do any or all of this work, if that would be helpful. 
> I'm not an expert in autotools or premake, but I'm quick on the uptake 
> and it will be a learning experience for me. (I've been a Windows 
> developer for 17 years.) Please let me know if I can be of service. I 
> will wait to hear from you so that I don't duplicate work that you may 
> be doing.

I see... well... hack away!
As Jason said: the real meat is probably in the tests themselves,
so it would be great if you can contribute.

How shall we organize this? If you have SVN experience, it may
help to give you write access to the repository? A big patch in the
SF tracker is also possible of course, but would make you more dependant
on people with svn write access to commit your patches.

I leave it up to you whether you do the autotools files yourself.
If you see it as a nice challenge, just try learning from the examples.
But feel free to just do the win32 stuff, and ask the mailinglist
for autotools support.


> Dave

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