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Gonçalo Lopes goncaloclopes at gmail.com
Wed Feb 7 03:35:47 MST 2007

Ogre is to my knowledge one of the more widely used open-source 3D
render engines, and with good reason. Singletons are not exactly a
piece of bad design, if used wisely, and indeed Ogre uses them
expertly to allow for easy data-driven resource loading and
customization of applications.

Build setup is just about what one might expect from an
extraordinarily flexible and complex engine written in C++. If anyone
is interested on easy access to Ogre, they should consider the managed
wrapper Mogre, which brings the full power of the engine to the .NET
framework. LGPL is mostly enough for any project, if you're willing to
go with dynamic linking instead of static (but this is such a huge
discussion topic that I certainly DON'T want to raise here).

For some examples of some simple interaction of Ogre with ODE in the
.NET framework, check out the OdeNet unit tests at:

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On 2/7/07, Gero Müller <gero.mueller at cloo.de> wrote:
> Ogre is nice indeed, but is has flaws too.
> 1. Singletons are used, which maybe ssen as bad design!
> 2. Very bad build setup. It is VERY hard to get ogre compiled the way you want
> it. What i really can't understand is, why they have no build options for
> local/user builds. I don't want ogre as distribution packages. A game is a
> whole lot different than a gui app: i want to distribute my own libs!
> And, Ogre is "only" LGPL. Even the new licence model is strange. Btw. did
> anybody read the PDF on the new licence? I think the author is wrong, when he
> says a bsd-like licence would prevent people from contributing.
> Gero
> Am Mittwoch 07 Februar 2007 09:47:42 schrieb Kaido Kert:
> > On 2/7/07, Lode Vanacken <lode.vanacken at uhasselt.be> wrote:
> > > Daniel K. O. wrote:
> > > >Szabo Gabor escreveu:
> > > >>People use to talk about Irrlicht (http://irrlicht.sourceforge.net/)
> > > >>;)
> > >
> > > Anyway the main message you send is correct, if you want to start
> > > quickly use Irrlicht, if you want
> > > a lot of possibilities and more complex features use Ogre. Not sure how
> > > well documented Irrlicht is,
> > > but Ogre has a lot of it, with also an extensive Wiki and very crowded
> > > forum.
> > >
> > > Lode
> >
> > Ogre also serves as an ( one of the few) excellent open-source example
> > of coding style and very good C++ library architecture. Everything is
> > set up and plugged in according to proper design patterns.
> > If a piece of code doesnt adhere to these standards, it doesnt get
> > into the library until properly refactored.
> >
> > /kert
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