[ODE] Rendering

Daniel K. O. danielko.listas at gmail.com
Wed Feb 7 03:38:52 MST 2007

Lode Vanacken escreveu:
> This last statement, is it more than a year old? As far as I am aware 
> there is support for more
> compilers than the MS one. And the dependencies are pre-compiled and 
> downloadable for
> windows.

Certainly less than a year old (but still months ago). I did use the
win32 binary, but it depended on the DLLs bundled with it. If I want to
use another STLport or zlib version, I'll have to rebuild things. CEGUI,
zziplib and Devil were really tiresome to patch and compile (I gave up
somewhere with a giant linker error building CEGUI, the last one before
Ogre itself). But looking at the current wiki page I don't see
references to patches anymore, so it seems that those libraries were
fixed at last.

Ogre mostly ignored MinGW for a long time in the past, it's good to see
better support now.

Daniel K. O.

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