[ODE] Ray - TriMesh collision Problem - Help request

Martijn Buijs buijs512 at planet.nl
Wed Feb 7 03:05:53 MST 2007

Pawel Kmiotek wrote:
> Hi !
> Is there anybody who can bring some light to the aforementioned problem 
> ? I would really appreciated it. It is really important to me since it 
> is the crucial part of my project.
> Since my english if far cry from being perfet my description may be not 
> clear engough. If so, please let me know and I'll rewrite it putting it 
> in different words. If there are, in your opinion, any details missing 
> please let me know I'll provide them.
> Best regards,
> Pawel

Could it be that you have not set a sufficient number of contacts on the trimesh? It seems that a
number of rays do work as expected.

(I have never used Rays in ODE, I'm not sure if the number of contacts could be a cause.)


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