[ODE] Ray - TriMesh collision Problem - Help request

Pawel Kmiotek lewapq at tlen.pl
Mon Feb 5 07:17:11 MST 2007

Hi !

Is there anybody who can bring some light to the aforementioned problem 
? I would really appreciated it. It is really important to me since it 
is the crucial part of my project.

Since my english if far cry from being perfet my description may be not 
clear engough. If so, please let me know and I'll rewrite it putting it 
in different words. If there are, in your opinion, any details missing 
please let me know I'll provide them.

Best regards,

> Hello !
> I have problems with Ray vs Trimesh collision.
> I'm tring to implement a sensor ( range finder ) based on rays. Thus I 
> only detect collisions but do nothing about it.
> Below there are links to screenshots represent correct collision 
> detection and incorect one.
> The almost-cube building is a Box while the more-rectangular one is a 
> TriMesh. As you can see collision with box always produces correct 
> collisions, while trimesh not.
> I've used OgreOde with ODE-0.7 and 0DE-0.8-rc1. I hoped that version 0.8 
>   will bring me a resolution but nothing of that kind. I have also found 
> in the mailing list archives comment:
>   "The GIMPACT code seems to work, there is only an issue left with:
> dGeomTriMeshDataBuildSimple
> which as far as I know is not solved yet"
> (http://ode.org/pipermail/ode/2007-January/021323.html)
> OgreOde uses mentioned funtion to create a trimesh. May it be a source 
> of my problems ?
> http://www.prinel.pl/Good-From-Above.jpg
> http://www.prinel.pl/Good-From-Below.jpg
> http://www.prinel.pl/Bad-From-Above.jpg
> http://www.prinel.pl/Bad-From-Below.jpg
> Maybe the following problem were already covered somewhere but I haven't 
> found any relevant information.
> I would be grateful for any piece of advice how to solve the problem.
> Best regards,
> Pawel

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