[ODE] cylinder plane bug

gl gl at ntlworld.com
Wed Sep 20 07:42:12 MST 2006

> Hmmm... this may be a controversial one:
> Personally, I think that the current behaviour of not generating
> contact points if the whole cylinder is behind the plane is the
> desirable behaviour.

I think that's wrong, the plane behaviour is important for eg. the 
heightfield collider, as it avoids tunneling.  A better solution is an idea 
I had a while ago, and which inspired Adam Moss to write an experimental 
patch (that nobody showed much interest in).  My idea was to clear any 
penetration correction velocities each step after they've been applied, so 
once an object has been pushed out, it no longer goes flying into space and 
beyond.  This would also mitigate the problem of 'spawning' objects in 
penetrating states - they would just shuffle a bit instead of exploding.

Adam's approach was slightly different, see:

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