[ODE] IK character place feet on the ground/dynamic objects

kxxl@poczta.onet.pl kxxl at poczta.onet.pl
Mon Oct 30 01:40:02 MST 2006

Francisco Leon wrote:
>Did you mean "Dynamic Motion Synthesis" ?

I'm not so sure if DMS is what i'm looking for, becouse it steering behavior of whole body, not only feet. 

>I've looking that technology for years!! Is there any
>Open source with Character physics IK?

sorry, I don't know any.

>It's not fair that such tecnology is reserved for big
>companies such Havok and Aegia.
>In Gammaleon I've trying something of IK with physics,
>but it is not complete yet. 

let us see when you finish this.

>It is a very interesting topic.

DMS is very interesting topic, but there is a little about it in 3d graphics.
Maybe start to look in robotics research, something like:


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