[ODE] IK character place feet on the ground/dynamic objects

Jon Watte (ODE) hplus-ode at mindcontrol.org
Mon Oct 30 21:01:01 MST 2006

kxxl at poczta.onet.pl wrote:

> but I don't know how they done this with genetic algoritm - isn't it too slow for real-time computation?

I believe the algorithm parameters are derived genetically, but the 
actual running just uses the derived parameters. I believe they showed 
this at some GDC, perhaps five years back. They had a set of legs that 
started to learn how to walk, and they measured energy usage, and did 
genetic selection until they had a very efficient walk cycle -- only to 
realize that artists make walk cycles already, so they should apply 
their technology to something more interesting :-)


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