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Francisco Leon projectileman at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 12 16:21:43 MST 2006

In that case would be better to integrate ODE to the
OGRE engine, instead of including the whole OGRE3D to
othe ODE package.

A graphics stuff must be a little subset for quickly
testing the demos and the new features on ODE. At
last, ODE is just only a physics engine, not a full
Game engine.

I've thinking about adding display lists mechanism to
the current Drawstuff subset. It could boost the
performance of the simulations.

--- Funky Fred <funkyfredmale at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Hey,
>   Just to throw in my two cents: I've piddled around
> with both ogre and 
> Irrlicht a bit, and right now I'm kinda fed up with
> irrlicht and moving to 
> ogre. The basic reason is ogre seems a to have a
> cleaner interface (to me!) 
> and is easier to extend. My view (right now):
> Irrlicht:
>   - easy to get started
>   - easy to setup (just need libIrrlicht)
>   - one big integrated graphics/event handling/menu
> framework
> Ogre:
>   - more complicated to get going on (more
> components to get working 
> together)
>     But only took me 1 day though to get the first
> tutorial up and running 
> from the source ball,
>     without actually doing a make install (I wanted
> to ensure I could 
> package it with the rest
>     of my source, and not force a user to install
> ogre). Basically you need 
> the core libary,
>     the platform libary, and the libraries for
> whatever plugins you use. I 
> even eskewed Cg
>    and got things running (which is highly suggested
> or something).
> - Seems to have a cleaner interface so far
> - no integrated event handling framework
> - All OOD out - if you like object-oriented & design
> patterns, etc, this is 
> the way to go. If not, see above.
> Personal preference stuff:
>   Ogre requires an decent C++ compiler. It uses the
> STL. Irrlicht uses it's 
> own hand-built container classes. For me this was a
> plus for Ogre. I already 
> know the STL, I don't want to have to learn somebody
> elses wonky container 
> and algorithm code (it always seems wonky when it's
> somebody elses ;P). But 
> if you don't like the STL or need to use an older
> compiler for some reason? 
> Go for Irrlicht.
>   As far as the big integrated package stuff - it
> makes it easy to get 
> started with irrlicht, but I kept running into stuff
> that made it convoluted 
> to extend the existing functionality. You tend to
> have to either just use 
> their objects with their functionality, or build
> your own from scratch and 
> massage it in to an existing interface. It's hard to
> extend the existing 
> functionality by just overriding a method or
> something. I dunno how this 
> goes with Ogre. At this point, it seems like it will
> be easier to me, but 
> we'll see ;)
> -Stu

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