[ODE] graphics front end

Funky Fred funkyfredmale at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 12 14:16:18 MST 2006

  Just to throw in my two cents: I've piddled around with both ogre and 
Irrlicht a bit, and right now I'm kinda fed up with irrlicht and moving to 
ogre. The basic reason is ogre seems a to have a cleaner interface (to me!) 
and is easier to extend. My view (right now):

  - easy to get started
  - easy to setup (just need libIrrlicht)
  - one big integrated graphics/event handling/menu framework

  - more complicated to get going on (more components to get working 
    But only took me 1 day though to get the first tutorial up and running 
from the source ball,
    without actually doing a make install (I wanted to ensure I could 
package it with the rest
    of my source, and not force a user to install ogre). Basically you need 
the core libary,
    the platform libary, and the libraries for whatever plugins you use. I 
even eskewed Cg
   and got things running (which is highly suggested or something).
- Seems to have a cleaner interface so far
- no integrated event handling framework
- All OOD out - if you like object-oriented & design patterns, etc, this is 
the way to go. If not, see above.

Personal preference stuff:
  Ogre requires an decent C++ compiler. It uses the STL. Irrlicht uses it's 
own hand-built container classes. For me this was a plus for Ogre. I already 
know the STL, I don't want to have to learn somebody elses wonky container 
and algorithm code (it always seems wonky when it's somebody elses ;P). But 
if you don't like the STL or need to use an older compiler for some reason? 
Go for Irrlicht.
  As far as the big integrated package stuff - it makes it easy to get 
started with irrlicht, but I kept running into stuff that made it convoluted 
to extend the existing functionality. You tend to have to either just use 
their objects with their functionality, or build your own from scratch and 
massage it in to an existing interface. It's hard to extend the existing 
functionality by just overriding a method or something. I dunno how this 
goes with Ogre. At this point, it seems like it will be easier to me, but 
we'll see ;)


>From: Francisco Leon <projectileman at yahoo.com>
>To: ode at q12.org
>Subject: Re: [ODE] graphics front end
>Date: Fri, 3 Nov 2006 05:02:22 -0800 (PST)
>--- Anders Backman <andersb at cs.umu.se> wrote:
> > I would also like to suggest OpenSceneGraph
> > (www.openscenegraph.org).
> > A mature scenegraph with loaders for just any
> > file-format you need.
> > Its been successfully integrated with ODE a bunch of
> > times.
> > Also, it supports Collada, which would indicate that
> > integrating ODE
> > would give you a fairly good pipeline for
> > production!
> >
> > /Anders
>openscenegraph It's too Big.
>Ogre3D It's an "Ogre" for driving it.
>Irrlitch would be fine. It is simple and fast.
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