[ODE] graphics front end

tuan kuranes tuan.kuranes at gmail.com
Mon Nov 13 04:47:56 MST 2006

In that case would be better to integrate ODE to the
> OGRE engine, instead of including the whole OGRE3D to
> othe ODE package.
IMHO, This thread is not about replacing drawstuff but about an user
seeking a graphic lib for its own work.
Drawstuff fill the visual feedback need of a vanilla ode distribution.
> I've thinking about adding display lists mechanism to
> the current Drawstuff subset. It could boost the
> performance of the simulations.
IMHO, Drawstuff "speed" is a not that important. Better would be an
effort on a clean and visible debugging interface:
 - simple in screen gui like start, pause, stop, slider to change CFM
and ERP for instance,
- contact point show/hide,
- normals show/hide.

Perhaps a backport of how Bullet does that. Having that in Ode vanilla
distribution would be a great thing, easing user experience,
understanding and tweaking.

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