[ODE] GIMPACT with doubles

Jon Watte (ODE) hplus-ode at mindcontrol.org
Mon Nov 6 13:30:16 MST 2006

If you author in floats, then there is no gain in storing in doubles.

However, if you author in doubles, or more likely, generate in doubles, 
then you can get a totally seamless, earth-size planet, without having 
to worry about pinholes where the local reference frames meet up.

You could then convert to a float reference frame when rendering, but 
the point is that that's a single reference frame (thus, seamless, 
pinhole free) rather than a number of separate reference frames.


       / h+

Pierre Terdiman wrote:
> I don't see why the "all doubles" version is better for this. As far as I
> can see using 3 doubles for the world position and keeping all vertices in
> floats (*relative to the mesh position in doubles*) is just as accurate.
> It's likely that the meshes are authored (and exported) using floats, so
> converting them to doubles doesn't buy you more accuracy. It just adds
> noise...
> - Pierre

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