[ODE] building ode-svn with VS C++ 2005

Christoph Beyer boernerb at web.de
Wed Nov 1 14:11:22 MST 2006


Now, I'm really out of ideas!
1. I downloaded the whole trunk from svn.
2. I got the premake tool, to create the projectfiles
3. premake --makeall, worked well.
4. i downloaded VS C++ 2005 Express Edition installed it, and after that,
     I installed the Microsoft Platform SDK for Windows Server 2003 R2. 
is this the right platform sdk?
5. i opened .../build/vs2005/ode.sln with VS C++ 2005 and clicked 
batchbuild and rebuilding all.
6. Ok, a lot of warnings and only two errors in the "tests" project, 
well i don't need the 'tests' built...
7. starting the program  trunk/lib/debugdll/test_buggy.exe results in a 
"missing msvcr80d.dll" error.
8. searching my whole disks for "msvcr80d.dll" results in only
     one match: 
9. ok, i copy the dll in the trunk/lib/debugdll folder where the 
application is, but if i start now test_buggy.exe,
     I  get the following message: http://christophbeyer.de/vs2005dllbug.jpg

i don't know what manifests are, or how to use it.
But i hope someone can find out what i'm doing wrong, or are the premake 
files wrong?
I hope that  there is not really a need to the msvcr80d.dll,
but my dependency-walker shows two not found files (msvcr80d.dll and 
msvcp80d.dll) depending the ode.dll
with drawstuff.dll the same

how can i get this f...ing sh.t work??? GRRRR :-(


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