[ODE] Simples Car Possible (for traffic)

Jon Watte (ODE) hplus-ode at mindcontrol.org
Mon Mar 13 17:15:53 MST 2006

Try http://www.mindcontrol.org/~hplus/raycar/

It has a car built from a box and four rays. There's code you can swipe, 
too. Search for ObjCar. Much faster than hinge2 joints (and more fun to 
drive, too, as it's more arcade-like)


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kurimail wrote:
> Hi friends. I would like to know what is the fastest and easiest way to
> make a car in ode, with fake physics if needed, to simulate traffic.
> I have my own cars for players running very well with 4 hinge2joints, but
> i want to add some traffic. If i use hinge2joints for 20 traffic cars,
> things slow down a lot...
> Is there any sample of very very basic car setup?
> Thanks in advance!
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