[ODE] CCylinder collisions with Trimesh Model

Mark Fournier mfournier at artech.ca
Mon Jan 30 12:26:50 MST 2006

I've set up our terrain to use trimesh models (hybrid or standard, though
the hybrid model is much more efficient for memory), and it seems to work
well for balls and boxes, but capped cylinders drop right through it, even
though the actual collision tests seem to return a reasonable list of
contacts. That is, the triangles it hits are in the right area, have the
right orientation, etc. Capped cylinders do seem to work when colliding with
each other or with a plane. So there seems to be something that the
integrator doesn't like about the contact list when the cylinders hits a
trimesh, whether I use a hybrid or a standard model.

Has anyone else encountered a similar problem? And did you find the cause of
the problem or a way to correct it?

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