[ODE] Books on ODE and units

Roel van Dijk roelvandijk at home.nl
Tue Feb 7 09:29:19 MST 2006

The ODE wiki area can be really helpfull for such questions

ODE Wiki:

>From the wiki:
Q: What units should I use with ODE? 
A: Short Answer: Metric, MKS (Metre-Kilogram-Second), thus your lengths will 
be expressed in meters, masses in kilograms, and timestep in seconds. 
A: Longer Answer: technically, ODE doesn't use specific units. You can use 
anything you wish, as long as you stay consistent with yourself. For example, 
you could scale all your values by Pi, and everything will be fine. (Could 
someone please specify if imperial would work too? As this writer does not 
know the relationship between units in this system)

As far as books go I only know of Game Gems 4 that mentions ODE:

On Tuesday 07 February 2006 15:01, George Birbilis wrote:
> >I am new to ODE. Are there any books on it?
> Not sure, did you read the help file at www.ode.org?
> > What are the units for dBodySetPosition, dBodySetRotation, dBodyAddForce,
> dBodyAddTorque, etc?
> Meters
> Degrees/sec
> N (Newton)
> Newton*m
> I guess

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