[ODE] c++ xode parsing anad dumping

cpinson cpinson at freesheep.org
Mon Sep 5 19:35:24 MST 2005

Yes i am interested. And about the dump about ode to a xode file, I will 
use my tree to have all informations i need. I post the message in the 
forum if others guys have the same request.

Thanks a lot

John Donovan wrote:
>>I need to write a program that read xode file and i would like to know
> if there is a standard reader to use as base. 
> It depends on the language you're coding in. The reference
> implementation is in Java, and I've written a C++ one. If you're using
> C++, then I can send you my code, but there's a bunch of work left to
> do. Also, my reader is integrated with OSG, but it shouldn't be too hard
> to extract the stuff you need. Eventually the code should be flexible,
> full-featured, and stable, then I'll publically release it, but until
> then you're welcome to use it as a base for your own reader.
>>The other question is if anyone has tried to dump a ode world to an
> xode file.
> I'm not sure if that's possible, because ODE doesn't give you access to
> its tree. So you can call dBodyCreate(my_world) but there's no
> dWorldGetBodies() function. The only way I can think of is to have your
> own tree of ODE objects (which are just opaque pointers), and dump that.
> -J
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