[ODE] Newbie Compiler Help

Rodrigo Hernandez kwizatz at aeongames.com
Tue Jun 28 16:52:12 MST 2005

Hi Mark,
I am sending this to the list in order to get it archived in case 
someone else asks the same question again.

The instructions for compilation are on the INSTALL file on the source 
distribution, basically skip step 0 and start at step 1.

MSYS and MinGW can be downloaded from sourceforge here:

You will need the MSYS and make installer and at least the gcc-core, 
gcc-c++,binutils, and winapi (and maybe the runtime, but I am not 100% 
sure) packages in order to get something going, extract the packages 
into c:\mingw and then run the MSYS and make installers, in that order.

extract the ODE source somewhere, for simplicity lets say c:\ode, run 
MSYS, a creamy colored command line terminal will pop up, this is MSYS, 
from there go to the ode directory, in MSYS, to move across directories 
you must use / instead of \, also your drives are at /c instead of c:\, 
so do:

cd /c/ode

from there, you can pretty much just follow the instructions on INSTALL, 
that is edit config/user-settings, and type make, once the process is 
finished look for the libode.a file and move it to your DevC++ lib 
directory and move the include/ode directory to the DevC++ include 
directory as well.

Hope that helps

Mark Thompson wrote:

>Thank you so much for your reply... I completely get it now.  But to
>make myself look even more stupid, I was wondering if there were
>instructions somewhere on the net that outline how i would compile ODE
>using MSYS and MinGW.  Also, do you mean i just have to compile any of
>the .lib files that are ode related into .a files?!
>Hmmm... now to find MSYS...  Any hints???  Is there a way to download
>MinGW "without" using it's cr at ppy installer?  I am only on dialup... 
>But i will keep trying...  It's funny, I got ODE-Java compiling on a
>different compiler quite quickly, but this one is being a pain!
>Thanks again, i really do appreciate your help!
>On 6/28/05, Rodrigo Hernandez <kwizatz at aeongames.com> wrote:
>>Hi Mark,
>>I think you're better off getting MSYS and maybe a separate copy of
>>MinGW and compiling ODE
>>from Source, sounds like the binary you have is for cygwin.
>>Mark Thompson wrote:
>>>G'day, I have previously written here before, and tried a number of
>>>other forums (gamedev etc...) but have still not been able to get ODE
>>>to compile under DevC++.  Please if anyone is using this program
>>>instead of VC++ could you please explain to me how exactly you got
>>>your programs to compile and run???  I hav been at it for over a week
>>>now, and still no luck...  Getting some error "__getreent undefined"
>>>or something like that.  I am using the precompiled libraries (*.a
>>>files) which i found on the internet...  So i don't ned to compile the
>>>*.lib files.
>>>Thank you for any help you can offer me.
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