[ODE] Re: FMax and Vel doesnt wrok for me! Y?

Neelam C tina_vipul at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 5 10:42:18 MST 2004

Once again, Thank you Tyler.

> I'm not sure if the problem is with your physical simulation or your
> learning algorithm.  There are some motions that are really hard for a
> simulated creature to learn, but sometimes the problem is as simple as
> giving the creature more "muscle strength" (i.e. max force/torque).
> Can you tell whether the doggy has enough strength to do the things
> you want?  Are the body part masses too high?

I have reduced mass a lot from what I had before. Now:
body = 1.0
each leg part (upper/lower) = 0.5
head = neck = 0.0001

I have set maxForce = 1200
> You mentioned that it keeps moving its legs in the air after falling
> over.  A vestibular system (head orientation and angular velocity) can
> help the creature sense if its upright or not.

Doggy doesnt flip over. It falls down straight (like sitting down), so its on
the body instead of legs and legs moving in the air (of course attached to
body). Do you think that mass = 1.0 is too much for me. hmmm. let me try and
reduce that. I will let you know if it effected.


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