[ODE] How to make connect two bodies and some more noob questions

mpeniak mpeniak at gmail.com
Sun Oct 21 19:19:44 MST 2007

Hi Guys

I have made my frist progress thanks to your help. I have created 6 wheeled
mars rover but it's not completed yet.
My frist question is probably too easy for you but I could not find help
anywhere. Anyway I created two bodies and two geoms, then I wanted to join
these two bodies but not using fixed joint as I read it is bad thing to do.
I make one geom to be a member of the other object's body but this placed
one object in the middle of the other and I could not set their individual
position anymore. I wanted to move one body more off the centre of the other
but I could only move the whole thing. I could not find how to do it and I
joined two bodies by fixed joint but when I crash with rover to something
this joint is loosing its original position. How could I avoid this please?
My last question is: where could I find what parameters I can set for
particular joint, what method does particular class have? For example to
make it clearer I used hinge2 joint but I did not know that I can get the
angle of the hinge by calling some method because I did not know that such
method existed. Where could I find all methods for all classes please?

Sorry for so many question. BTW I was very surprised to find out how
powerful ODE was when I saw the rover crashing to things and jumping....ODE
gives really impressive results

Martin Peniak
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