[ODE] How to make connect two bodies and some more noob questions

Georg Martius mai99dgf at studserv.uni-leipzig.de
Mon Oct 22 01:27:30 MST 2007


for the first question:
You want one body and multiple geoms attached to it. You can do this with the 
Transform geom. If you want to resample the correct mass distribution of the 
entire body you have to use the addMass functions, see [1].
However concerning the transform geom there was change in version 0.6. 
Actually setGeomPosition should work out of the box. [2].
You can find most of the things in the Manual [2,3].


[1] http://opende.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/HOWTO_composite_objects
[3] http://opende.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Manual

Am Montag, 22. Oktober 2007 04:19 schrieb mpeniak:
> Hi Guys
> I have made my frist progress thanks to your help. I have created 6 wheeled
> mars rover but it's not completed yet.
> My frist question is probably too easy for you but I could not find help
> anywhere. Anyway I created two bodies and two geoms, then I wanted to join
> these two bodies but not using fixed joint as I read it is bad thing to do.
> I make one geom to be a member of the other object's body but this placed
> one object in the middle of the other and I could not set their individual
> position anymore. I wanted to move one body more off the centre of the
> other but I could only move the whole thing. I could not find how to do it
> and I joined two bodies by fixed joint but when I crash with rover to
> something this joint is loosing its original position. How could I avoid
> this please? My last question is: where could I find what parameters I can
> set for particular joint, what method does particular class have? For
> example to make it clearer I used hinge2 joint but I did not know that I
> can get the angle of the hinge by calling some method because I did not
> know that such method existed. Where could I find all methods for all
> classes please?
> Sorry for so many question. BTW I was very surprised to find out how
> powerful ODE was when I saw the rover crashing to things and jumping....ODE
> gives really impressive results
> Regards
> Martin Peniak

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