[ODE] PATCH: geom enabled status is ignored in some cases

Christian Muschick christian.muschick at gmail.com
Wed Nov 21 12:12:36 MST 2007


In the ode documentation, it says "Disabled geoms are completely ignored 
by dSpaceCollide and dSpaceCollide2". This currently is not correct. The 
collide2 functions in all spaces ignore the "enabled" state of the geom 
that is passed in.
Because this function is used when colliding two spaces against one 
another, I think this is a serious issue. The collision callback should 
never be called with a disabled geom.

The "enabled" state is also ignored when passing two geoms to 

The attached patch fixes these problems, as well as a serious bug in the 
GEOM_ENABLED-macro in collision_quadtreespace.cpp, as well as one 
inconsistent line ending in collision_sapspace.cpp (because different 
files are affected I didn't split this into three patches).


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