[ODE] Fw: Universal Spring

Edgar edgar at cyberpoint.nl
Wed Nov 21 12:55:29 MST 2007


Since I see you are applying patches.

I have made a simple sample application, of 3 heavy blocks connected by universal hinges.
The first block is connected to the world.
When I initialise all block in a horizontal plane, the blocks start falling, and swinging.
Like 3 pendulums connected to eachother.
Since my object are 20.000 kg, a lot for force is put on the hinges.
And the hinges start to get stretched.

This never gets solved again.
I tried smaller timesteps, but the problem remains.
Modifying CFM and ERP doesn help..

I found in the mailing list a suggestion with a fix:
>>>Universal Spring: like universal joint, expanded with a linear spring that
>>>keeps the bodies together and an angular spring that keeps the bodies

But it didnt had any follow up.

Is anybody noticeing the same problems ?
This is a very simple demo, so in larger project you would have even more problem I think..


I dont know if I posted this multiple times, since it seems my messages didn't get to the list

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