[ODE] Holes

Bram Stolk bram at sara.nl
Wed Mar 21 01:47:57 MST 2007

Gazi Alankus wrote:
> The first thing that comes to my mind is:
> In your collision detection function, make an if case that detects
> when a ball is trying to collide with the plane and when the ball's
> coordinates are on the hole area. If that case is true don't make the
> ball and plane collide. This should make it pretty simple.

I think you can have the collision detection just as it is.
Detect plane vs sphere normally.

You would only have to adapt the collision response.
Create a Contact Joint for all intersections, except when they
occur in the corners.
The code would be simple and elegant.
And also completely in user-space: no need to touch ode code.

Also add a few cylinders so that the sphere can collide with
the 'inside of the pocket' as well.


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