[ODE] Advantages of using GIMPACT

Mark Williams mark at image-engine.com
Tue Mar 20 11:26:06 MST 2007

>> Is there a reason why someone might choose gimpact over opcode? I
>> thought it was supposed to be faster?!
> Here trimesh vs. trimesh is very unstable on OPCODE (with both single
> and double precision); dropping a bunny in demo_moving_trimesh makes it
> jitter until it falls to the ground. The same happens (but less
> noticeable) with trimesh vs box and trimesh vs capsule (and maybe other
> combinations too, which I didn't bother to test).
> With GIMPACT there's almost no jitter; the only visual effect is the
> trimesh/box/capsule slowly sliding away.

I've had similar experiences with OPCODE being incredibly unstable, and 
GIMPACT behaving fairly well. The relative speeds are irrelevant when 
only one of these colliders seems to give reliable results.


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