[ODE] Re : Triangle Mesh Creation Time.

Frédéric Brachfogel fred3d2 at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 12 05:37:34 MST 2007

Hello,  Implementing dynamic trimesh  collision is a simple solution to the problem of long data structure creation time ;) Concerning the contact points, I found a simili answer in the documentation, but I have to be sure. Here is the sentence :"
The convention is that if body 1 is moved along the normal vector by a distance depth (or equivalently
if body 2 is moved the same distance in the opposite direction) then the contact depth will be reduced to
zero. This means that the normal vector points ”in” to body 1." Is that true that with the contact point array filled by the user function, ODE perform the dynamic physic changes on the body ? It really seems to be the case, but I have to be sure too. Moreover, in the case of a point patch (contact along surfaces), do the Depth be devided by the number of points in the patch ? 
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> Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2007 08:13:07 +0200> From: jsinecky at tiscali.cz> To: fred3d2 at hotmail.com> CC: ode at ode.org> Subject: Re: [ODE] Triangle Mesh Creation Time.> > Hi,> > Frédéric Brachfogel wrote:> > Anyone for this no ? Is my question clear ?> > > > Thank you,> >> >> > F.Brachfogel> >> > --------------------------------------> > Chronophage Games> > 3-5 rue Lashermes> > 43000 Le Puy en Velay> > FRANCE> >> >> > ------------------------------------------------------------------------> > From: fred3d2 at hotmail.com> > To: fred3d2 at hotmail.com> > Subject: RE: [ODE] Triangle Mesh Creation Time.> > Date: Sat, 9 Jun 2007 14:11:31 +0000> >> >> >> > Thank you for reply.> > > > A simple solution for me is to use custom collision class (?).> >> This is not clear to me .... do you think implementing dynamic trimesh > collision on your own is a simple solution?> >> > > > I have a question about this :> > > > The user collision function fills a contact data array.> > How will the engine (ODE) perform the pose changes on the> > geom to simulate the contact so that there is no> > inter-penetrations ? In other terms, how must I fill the> > contact data ? In the case of patch ?> >> This is covered in ODE documentation, try to search it for > "dContactGeom". Or even better, read it through before going on with > some serious ODE development.> >> > > > F.Brachfogel> >> > --------------------------------------> > Chronophage Games> > 3-5 rue Lashermes> > 43000 Le Puy en Velay> > FRANCE
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