[ODE] Res: Mushy Density?

Jose Marin jose_marin2 at yahoo.com.br
Tue Jun 12 05:25:45 MST 2007

Yesterday I've noticed something weird on this subject:
When I drop a capsule on a plane, the capsule fist 'sinks' a little, and then bounces and rests on the plane.

Maybe this is a CFM and ERP adjust problem?

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El Martes 12 Junio 2007, Chris Spencer escribió:
> I've noticed that as the mass of objects increase, they tend to become
> more "mushy" in the sense that colliding objects will penetrate each
> other quite severely, even if both objects have very high densities.
> Is there any way to counteract this effect while still using large
> units?

I don't think it has anything to do with density but with the higher inertia 
forces that make harder to stop the bodies in less time. Try to lower the 
simulation step size.

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