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Thu Jun 7 13:52:43 MST 2007

plus, the SDK installer is rather large for downloadable games (10-20mb i think.. which is 2x the anticipated size of our game!), I need 2D rather than 3D so it would be wasteful, plus (believe it or not) my solver actually works better for my application than any existing rigid body solvers -- my application being simulating lots of interacting articulated bodies, with limited joints driven by servos.


Steve Fogoros <sfogoros at hsc.unt.edu> wrote:    Isn't it correct that PhysX SDK is free for non-commercial use? Not an option for topic originator then.
 Jon Watte wrote:
     The PhysX SDK is free. If you target Windows, your worst option would be 
    to just use that, it seems?
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