[ODE] nonholonomic vehicle path following

Ke kxubb at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 7 15:09:53 MST 2007

Hello All,
I am doing a project in ODE,simulating a 4-wheeled
nonholonomic vehicle to follow a given reference path.
Our control algorithm (velocity control) can give out
vehicle linear velocity and angular velocity of
But when we apply such velocity into ODE,after
converting them into the ODE Hinge joint
parameters(dParamVel) of rear-driving wheels and
front-steering wheels, the vehicle just won't not
follow the given path exacly no matter how we tune-up
all these parameters.
Here is my questions,
What parameters are more imporatant in this path
following problem?
Any related project available for my references?
One more general question- Can ODE do well in the path
following/tracking problems?

Any suggestions is appreciated.
Thank you for your time.


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