[ODE] gravitational force / unstable joints

Tobias Zimmer tozim at gmx.de
Tue Jul 31 07:15:58 MST 2007

Thank you again for the fast answer, but I am a bit confused in between!

I found this thread in the petrucci-forum:

There, akiross is calculating the following:

"forgot 0.5!

the right formulae is:
s(t)=0.5at² -> 10 = 0.5*10*1.4² ~ 9.8

So this is correct, of course ode isn't wrong"

This seems to mean that the values in the gravity-function don't  
correspond to the values used in physics but have to be calculated  
from them.
If I understand the formula above correctly, which I doubt, the  
gravity would be
correct by the use of (0,0,-0.5)...

And the Ray-Car demo is new to me. Is it defined in some of the demos
submitted with ODE or do I have to download it explicitly?

Thanks again!

Am 31.07.2007 um 16:02 schrieb Jon Watte (ODE):

> The Ray-Car demo uses fairly realistic values. You might want to  
> look at that. There's also an older demo called "carworld,"  
> although that's based on some old release of ODE and GLSL, so it  
> probably doesn't compile right.
> Cheers,
> 			/ h+
> Tobias Zimmer wrote:
>> I might add, that the buggy-example uses -0.5 as gravity, not  
>> -9.81. I already wondered about that
>> since I startet with ODE... why don't the examples start with  
>> "realistic" values?
>> Again,
>> Tobias

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