[ODE] code quality again

Rich Walker rw at shadowrobot.com
Thu Jul 12 02:12:12 MST 2007

Mark Williams <mark at image-engine.com> writes:

> I'd agree, but numerical rigor for physical simulation is a different 
> problem to that which is ultimately quite straightforward - such as 
> using a style similar to the surrounding code when applying patches as 
> opposed to just mixing and matching with your own style, not leaving 
> single statements and/or huge blocks of code commented out without any 
> explanation as to why, being careful to free dynamically allocated 
> memory through all code paths, etc. I think some relatively minor 
> improvements could make a huge difference to ODE's codebase, and may 
> encourage others to get stuck in.

One thing that might be useful is to apply `indent' with consistent
options across the codebase. This will, of course, need someone to work
out what the main `indent' style of the code is at present!

cheers, Rich.

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