[ODE] Trimesh collision with fast moving object

Johan Oberg johan.oberg at vrb.se
Fri Jan 12 02:59:36 MST 2007


I suppose this has been discussed before, but I couldn't find anything
on the mailing list. I'm doing mini golf and the balls radius is only
21mm. The walls/obsticles on the golf holes are trimeshes. It's quite
possible the ball will travel with a speed of up to 8 m/s. Even with
quite a high simulation rate, the ball will easily move through a wall
or obsticle at that speed.

Ball speed = 8000 mm/s
Sim Hz = 120

8000/120= 66.67mm

What can I do to solve this situation other then upping the simulation
speed? I can't use anything other then trimesh for my obsicles.

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