[ODE] Trimesh collision with fast moving object

David Walters hidden.asbestos at googlemail.com
Fri Jan 12 04:01:12 MST 2007

> What can I do to solve this situation other then upping the simulation
> speed? I can't use anything other then trimesh for my obsicles.

One solution that you could explore is to use a capsule geom for
collision purposes. The centre point of the start cap would be placed
at the ball's body position and the capsule oriented such that centre
point of the end cap is aligned to the position + velocity * sim_hz.

Do a manual dCollide between the capsule and the course trimesh.
Collision points reported can be used to prevent these tunneling
problems, although I'm not sure right now exactly how as I've not had
any coffee.

Hope this helps,

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