[ODE] How to get started with ODE on Mac OSX?

Per Bull Holmen pbholmen at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 13 10:28:28 MST 2007

--- tanglihua821229 at sjtu.edu.cn skrev:

> Hey, Per
> I have done all 12 steps you guide me, now I can run
> the example "buggy" by DISPLAY=:0.0 ./test_buggy.
> But I still make no sense about how to edit the
> example use xcode. On Winxp and VS.NET, what I
> should do is just open the ode.sln under
> ode/build/vs2005, and all the examples are imported,
> then I can edit the src file and rebuild and run. Is
> there similar way for xcode to import all the
> example projects and for me to edit freely?
> Thank you!
> Tolly

ODE seems to come with readymade project files for
visual studio. Unfortunately, it doesn't have any
project files for XCode that I can see. There are
project files for CodeWarrior, another mac IDE, but
CodeWarrior is expensive and actually outdated for mac
development. XCode can import CodeWarrior projects,
but you need to have CodeWarrior installed to make it
work... :(

I'm putting this e-mail back on the list, to let
people know that there is interest for XCode project
files. That would make it easier for mac users to
learn ODE. For now, you must either try to figure out
which source files are needed for the examples, and
add them to your own project, or you can do like me
(an ODE newbie, but mac veteran): Start on scratch
with your own project.


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