[ODE] How to get started with ODE on Mac OSX?

Hampus Soderstrom hampus at sxp.se
Wed Feb 14 09:39:45 MST 2007


If you intend to build the latest ODE library files for OSX you also  
need to update your automake to a later version.

If you have ports installed:
sudo port install automake


On 14 Feb 2007, at 1:28 AM, Per Bull Holmen wrote:

> --- tanglihua821229 at sjtu.edu.cn skrev:
>> Hey, Per
>> I have done all 12 steps you guide me, now I can run
>> the example "buggy" by DISPLAY=:0.0 ./test_buggy.
>> But I still make no sense about how to edit the
>> example use xcode. On Winxp and VS.NET, what I
>> should do is just open the ode.sln under
>> ode/build/vs2005, and all the examples are imported,
>> then I can edit the src file and rebuild and run. Is
>> there similar way for xcode to import all the
>> example projects and for me to edit freely?
>> Thank you!
>> Tolly
> ODE seems to come with readymade project files for
> visual studio. Unfortunately, it doesn't have any
> project files for XCode that I can see. There are
> project files for CodeWarrior, another mac IDE, but
> CodeWarrior is expensive and actually outdated for mac
> development. XCode can import CodeWarrior projects,
> but you need to have CodeWarrior installed to make it
> work... :(
> I'm putting this e-mail back on the list, to let
> people know that there is interest for XCode project
> files. That would make it easier for mac users to
> learn ODE. For now, you must either try to figure out
> which source files are needed for the examples, and
> add them to your own project, or you can do like me
> (an ODE newbie, but mac veteran): Start on scratch
> with your own project.
> Per
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