[ODE] Simple ODE question.

Szabo Gabor uchimata at t-online.hu
Wed Aug 29 02:50:39 MST 2007

Hi Jeremy,

I'm new to ODE as well, but I'm trying to give you advices, so handle 
with reservations ;)
For the turret I would use a separate variable for aiming. You can check 
turret angles in every cycle what size of the difference is in the angle 
to the body, and apply a mass-and-anglediff-dependent force to 
reposition the turret to the aimed angle. So, your gun will always be 
positioned, and higher forces make your gun stiff and precise, smaller 
forces make it loose. Hope, this helps. I would give it a try :)



Jeremy Roberts wrote:
> Hello,
>      I have a simple ODE question.  I am very new so trying to figure 
> this all out still.
>     Question) Ok, so I have a body/geom structure for my robot.  Then 
> I have a body/geom structure for the turret.  The turret rotates only 
> along 1 axis enabling it to face up/down. The left/right rotation is 
> taken care of by the bot.  I.e, the bot rotates left/right and the 
> turret rotates up/down.  I am trying to figure out how to associate 
> the 2 structures properly.  If I add a hinge then when forces are 
> applied to the bot the turret will receive jerks (I assume) to rotate 
> it inproperly as it should only rotate on user input.  If I keep the 
> two structures separate and apply equal forces (or based on mass) then 
> I am assuming there will be descrepencies that will creep into the 
> system such that they will slowly move away from each other over time.
>      Just a newbie trying to figure this all out.
>      Thank you for your help.
>      Jeremy (grill8)
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