[ODE] Simple ODE question.

Jeremy Roberts jroberts at digipen.edu
Wed Aug 29 01:34:51 MST 2007

     I have a simple ODE question.  I am very new so trying to figure this all out still.

    Question) Ok, so I have a body/geom structure for my robot.  Then I have a body/geom structure for the turret.  The turret rotates only along 1 axis enabling it to face up/down. The left/right rotation is taken care of by the bot.  I.e, the bot rotates left/right and the turret rotates up/down.  I am trying to figure out how to associate the 2 structures properly.  If I add a hinge then when forces are applied to the bot the turret will receive jerks (I assume) to rotate it inproperly as it should only rotate on user input.  If I keep the two structures separate and apply equal forces (or based on mass) then I am assuming there will be descrepencies that will creep into the system such that they will slowly move away from each other over time.
     Just a newbie trying to figure this all out.
     Thank you for your help.
     Jeremy (grill8)
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