[ODE] bad normals in capsule->box collision ?

Russell Bartley russellbartley at kromestudios.com
Mon Aug 27 01:31:17 MST 2007

The code changes I made are for a swept sphere. Where I use an ODE capsule 
geom with an extra flag bit set to indicate it is representing a swept 

But it doesnt call dCollideSpheres() at all.

It calculates the collision point on the leading edge of the sweep inside of 
dCollideCapsuleBox() after the call to dClosestLineBoxPoints().

I haven't clarified if I can put the code up from my employers yet, but will 
check with them if anyone is interested?

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> Hi Russell,
>>      I've come across a rare case, where I believe the 
>> dCollideCapsuleBox() function returns a bad normal in the contact 
>> structure.
>>  Stop me if it has already been flagged, or I'm barking up the wrong 
>> tree.
>>  Inside this function it works out where on the box a collision occurs, 
>> and where along the capsules axis a collision would occur.
>>    It then calls dCollideSpheres() passing in the location on the capsule 
>> axis and the capsule radius as the first sphere, and the location on the 
>> box as 1 sphere with a zero radius as the second sphere.
>>  Inside of dCollideSpheres(), if the 2 centres of the spheres are 
>> identical, it cant work out a normal (rightly so), and invents a normal 
>> along the x axis. This is a fact of life in a sphere->sphere collision, 
>> but in the context of a capsule->Box collisionis not the answer.
>>  I have a solution inside of dCollideCapsuleBox() that detects this 
>> problem before entering the dCollideSPheres function, and calculates the 
>> correct normal, but it is a little ugly.
>>  Is my logic sound, and if so, has anyone come across this problem 
>> before? If so is there aa standard solution out there?
>>  Also if this is true, I suspect dCollideCapsuleCapsule, and maybe even 
>> dCollideCapsuleSphere could suffer from the same problem?
> I found a similar problem with the normal inverted and submitted a bug on 
> the ODE SourceForge site (Bug #1757060).
> The problem was created when the capsule and the box were barely touching 
> each other by the sphere part. The "penetration" distance was 0 and the 
> vector from point on shell of the sphere to the point on the box was 
> almost zero (1e-16 in the wrong direction) then this created a normal 
> vector in the wrong direction.
> I also created a small test program that show the problem but I did not 
> know how to solve it.
> Can I see our ugly code ? ;-)
> Remi 

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