[ODE] interactive and continuous physics collisions?

Onur Tugcu onur.tugcu at gmail.com
Fri Aug 24 01:46:32 MST 2007


I'm working on a networked 2d table game. My scene is simple,

a ball sphere
a player1 sphere
a player2 sphere
constrained onto the plane, sphere centers are right on the plane.

4 thin boxes on the sides constraining the ball within the table's surface.

The players control massless geometries (spheres) to hit the ball and score.

When the geometries stand still, the ball collides and bounces fine,
same works for the side boxes.

When the geometries hit the ball slowly, things are still well, and
the game is somehow playable.

But when the players move too quickly, they will pass through the
ball, or do a strange bouncing (since the next simulation step has the
ball inside the player's sphere)

Also when the ball hits the boxes too fast, it will pass through them
and continue flying off.

So is there any way of constraining the ball on a limited surface area
or constraining the ball to never pass through certain objects like

Am I doing something wrong? is there a better way of doing all this?

Thanks in advance.

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