[ODE] Interoperability of Bullet and ODE collision?

David Walters hidden.asbestos at googlemail.com
Mon Apr 16 04:01:03 MST 2007

Hi, I'm starting on Bullet integration - just to see what I can get
done (not promising much, but if it helps Erwin swoop in and complete
the job without having to spend lots of time on the setup then I'll
feel like I've accomplished something)

So, the first major question in my mind is:

Given that Bullet appears to cover the same collision primitives as
native ODE - an optional behind the scenes (from a client point of
view) swap to Bullet would seem to be the easier and smarter task,
rather than trying allow collision between ODE spaces and the bullet
collision space with no gain and probably lots of problems...

So, should the integration task ignore that aspect and have a
'dBULLET_ENABLED' build option - or am I missing something obvious and
should they try harder to work alongside one another using a bunch of
'BulletBox', 'BulletCapsule', etc. geom classes?

Also, I've booked in v2.49 of Bullet into the SVN branch (had to do it
in multiple parts cos sourceforge got upset with me putting it all in
one commit).  I've put in all of the distribution - this might get
trimmed down as a lot of it isn't used, however I'll keep all of it
there for now.


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