[ODE] cylinder geom problem (ODE INTERNAL ERROR 1)

Pavel Mach xreg at centrum.cz
Mon Sep 11 04:12:37 MST 2006

I am new here now, so I hope there hasn't been this question yet, but I 
searched archive few monthts back and there is no thread with subject 
"cylinder" there, so my question:

 I have a simple simulation - just a plane like a ground, and one object 
-a capsule above it and let it simply fall down to the ground. That 
works fine, but when a create cylinder instead of the capsule (I just 
replace the dCreateCapsule for dCreateCylinder, when cylinder touches 
the ground the simulation crashes and this message box is shown: 
http://www.xtopi.com/ode/msgbox1.jpg. So please, can somebody help me? I 
am not able to find a bug in my code :-/ and maybe somebody will help me 
with what the message box is telling me :). And only cylinder geom does 
it, no other geoms.

Thank you.
Pavel Mach

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