[ODE] Official ODE Bindings for .NET 2.0?

Jason Perkins starkos at gmail.com
Fri Sep 8 08:05:28 MST 2006

A couple of issues that I am facing with the .NET bindings, in case
anyone has advice to offer...

I'm not sure how to integrate it with the build system, or if I even
should. It requires .NET 2.0 so that rules out all but VS.NET 2005 and
the GNU tools. I'm inclined to say "just drop these files into your
project and build".

Related, I'd like to port several (all?) of the tests to C# in order
to test the bindings, but that means that I need some kind of parallel
build system. Right now I am relying on premake to build the scripts
(so I can build on both Linux and Windows).

Any ideas appreciated,


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