[ODE] IK character place feet on the ground/dynamic objects

kxxl@poczta.onet.pl kxxl at poczta.onet.pl
Mon Oct 30 03:02:34 MST 2006

Megan Fox wrote:
>> Dynamic Motion Synthesis would imply functionality of the sort that
>> would cause a ragdoll to move intelligently (rather than just
>> "ragdolling") - grasping at a wound, covering its face, whatever.

Jon Watte wrote:
> NaturalMotion have done this in Endorphin for several years, and I 
> believe they are now coming out with a real-time version of it. It's 
> based on biomechanics research and teaching some sort of 
> adaptable genetic algorithm about human musculoskeletal system 
> movements.

Endorphin is very interesting amiation software, as you sad it's making calculation in real-time (or allmost real-time) with all data retargeting with respect to human muscle, like this:

but I don't know how they done this with genetic algoritm - isn't it too slow for real-time computation?

And I never saw a demo with character walking on bumpy terrain ;)


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