[ODE] creating bodies, joints and geoms with 'null' world/space arguments

Daniel K. O. danielko.listas at gmail.com
Wed Oct 18 10:53:17 MST 2006

rod kay escreveu:
>    I've modified ODE latest svn code to allow bodies, joints and geoms to be 
> created with null (0) arguments. There are 3 new functions: dBodySetWorld, 
> dJointSetWorld and dGeomSetSpace, which allow these parameters to be set or 
> changed.
>    The changes have been useful to my project, and I was wondering if they 
> might be useful for others ?

Yes, they would.

In particular, I once had to write a small framework around ODE for a 
car simulator, and the logic required me to create the "world" (mine, 
not ODE's) after the cars; so I had to use 2-step construction.

Daniel K. O.

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