[ODE] Recommended methods for simulating a circular platform?

Remi Ricard remi.ricard at simlog.com
Thu Nov 30 11:14:43 MST 2006


> I hope to have a circular platform in my simulation, but the only
> cylinders included with ODE by default are capped.  What have others
> done when they actually needed a flat, circular surface?
> If it comes to it, I may be able to write my own implementation... I
> only need to collide spheres against the cylinder, and the cylinder
> can always be aligned with an axis, but I was hoping for a better
> solution.

If you use the latest ODE version 0.7 you will have cylinder.

If you use cylinder, you have to remember there is no support for 
cylinder-cylinder collision.



N.B. Capped cylinder were renamed Capsule.

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