[ODE] General lack of understanding

mal content artifact.one at googlemail.com
Thu Nov 16 12:33:29 MST 2006


I'm really struggling to understand how to use the ODE library. The
is well written, but lacks examples. The unit tests are incomprehensible to
somebody not already well-versed in the library.

Anyway, I've managed to throw this together (it's pseudo-2D, and there's
absolutely no documentation on the "correct" way to do this, so I'm guessing):


(if you'd like the complete source as a .tgz, please ask, the entire
directory is only 900 lines or so).

I'm stuck. I don't understand what to do with collision detection, as can
be seen at line 91. I based the collision code on test_boxstack.

What happens, is that a box is dropped onto an immovable box. The dropped
box just sticks to the other and repeatedly collides. I'm assuming I have to
handle the collision somehow, but how?

Do I have to do something with mass?


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